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The Berke Protocol

Your Life is About to Change  

Get Your Personalized 4 Month Wellness Plan

Few things in life are more important than your health. But if you’re like most people, your health takes a backseat. After all, you’re busy! You take care of the people you love, you work hard and it’s so easy to let your well-being slide into the background. Your body works beautifully 90% of the time, right? Even when you’re stressed, tired and not eating as well as you could … your wonderful body keeps on working. 

Until it doesn’t. And when that happens, everything else has to stop. Chances are, you know exactly what I mean. But we can do something about it, together.

You can transform your health in mind, body and spirit, starting right now using The BERKE PROTOCOL. As your Holistic Family Practitioner, this is my proprietary plan that treats your whole-self. It's an  all-encompassing lifestyle plan, tailored to your exact needs given your lifestyle, desires and current health. Through the BERKE PROTOCOL you will GET well and STAY well.

If you're suffering with excess weight (perceived or real), diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease, arthritis, heart disease, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal inflammation (gut/brain axis), stress or any other issues that you would finally like to understand better, The BERKE PROTOCOL will get to the root cause.

food is medicine

Let's Make a Plan

We'll develop a plan of action through functional medicine science and nurturing coaching. Over the four months of this transformational program, you'll learn my 10 Tenets of Wellness (educating you on food as medicine) to help you achieve your best state of well-being. We will be addressing stress, sleep, nutritional supplements and movement based on your bio-individuality.

Here’s how to get started today: Book Your Health Journey Kick-Off Session (90 Minutes).  Call or text me at 973-783-8490.


Nothing matters more than your health, and this is the perfect time to jump in and get a complete understanding of your whole self so you can take charge of your health!


Once you raise your hand for increased health by choosing the session, I'll personally review your intake forms so we can jump right in to the important elements of this session. 


Together we'll discuss every test result and I'll educate, inspire and empower you with the best steps to take as your journey to greater health begins.

We're partners in this journey together if you accept this challenge! 

assorted peppers on a plate in a kitchen

What's Included:

  • Expert analysis of your blood chemistry to discover physiological/nutritional imbalances 
In-depth health history and symptom review 
Assessment of your current food choices, including how those foods make you feel

  • Behavioral analysis of food choices, increasing your body wisdom 

  • Review current supplements and update based on blood chemistry
BIA analysis:
Body composition: weight, bodyfat %, muscle, bone and water weight

  • Arranging your at-home blood draw by an expert professional

  • We'll use your body/mind as a chemistry lab to piece the most bioavailable foods  and supplements and lifestyle interventions that serve your best and highest good.

  • Unlimited texting with me, M-F (It’s like having your Holistic Family Practitioner in your pocket!)


Additional functional tests that may be recommended:

  • Vibrant labs food sensitivities panel 

  • GI MAP (stool analysis)

  • DUTCH testing (metabolic, stress, and sex hormones)

  • Custom comprehensive Blood testing:

     inflammatory markers

     blood sugar factors


     full thyroid panel

     vitamin D

     and more!

Your Health Journey Kick-Off Session - $595 

Includes a comprehensive review of the most recent labs, health history/symptom questionnaire, hormone data and heavy metal toxicity data, prior to and during the initial meeting.


4 Month Plan - 8 sessions - $2000

2 sessions per month

Monthly payments are available.

Individual sessions - $295/session

You will also receive detailed follow-up notes and handouts to inspire and empower you to achieve your health goals .             

Not sure if you're ready to commit to the program?

Not sure if we're a good fit to work together? 

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to find out!

Virtual Appointments - Zoom, FaceTime, phone calls, you decide what works for you! 

In-person Appointments are also available.

We accept cash, check, Zelle or Venmo payments

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