The Berke Protocol

A Comprehensive 3 Month Wellness Plan for Whole-Self  Healing  

Embark on a journey to completely transform your health in mind, body and spirit. I believe all three must be addressed with the same level of care, as they need to work synergistically for optimal health. The BERKE PROTOCOL is a unique plan that treats the whole-self. With this all-encompassing lifestyle plan you will GET well and STAY well.

If you are suffering with excess weight (perceived or real), diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease, arthritis, heart disease, hormone imbalances, gastrointestinal inflammation (gut/brain axis), stress or any other issues that you would finally like to understand better, we will get to the root cause and develop a plan of action through functional medicine science and nurturing coaching. In the next three months of this transformational program, you will learn my 10 Tenets of Wellness to help you achieve your best state of well-being.   

Initial Session - 2 hrs - $400

Includes a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment, symptom analysis and review of recents lab results.


Follow Up Sessions - 6 sessions - $1050

We will address the 10 Tenets of Optimal Wellness

and educate you on food as medicine. You will also receive detailed follow-up notes and handouts to inspire and empower you to achieve your health goals .

Month 1

      2 1hr sessions                             

Month 2

      2 1hr sessions                               

Month 3

      2 1hr sessions 


10% discount if paid in full up front.                            

food is medicine

Ongoing Health Maintenance - 6 sessions - $1050 or Individual sessions - $175/session

10% discount if session bundle is paid in advance.

Virtual Appointments - Zoom, FaceTime, phone calls, you decide what works for you! 

We accept cash, check, Zelle or Venmo payments