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Bemer Circulation Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency - PEMF

health coaching, shiatsu massage, and bemer therapy

Bemer Circulation Therapy - blood cells

Bemer Circulation Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency - PEMF

The Bemer is an FDA Class II cleared Medical Device:


  • Supports functional blood flow

  • Bemer is the most researched PEMF device on the planet

  • Stimulates muscle tissue and the microcirculatory vessels

  • Enhances the body’s nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal

  • Supports cardiac function

  • Improves physical fitness, endurance, strength, and energy

  • Increases concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation

  • Improves sleep hygiene

  • Unleashes the body's natural ability to heal itself


Healthy circulation is the cornerstone of health.

In-person appointments are available in conjunction with a Reiki and/or Shiatsu Session.

bemer devices
Bemer devices

Bemer Premium-Set EVO

The BEMER Premium-Set Evo is the all-inclusive package for your BEMER therapy.


The easy to use BEMER Premium-Set Evo has a modern design and includes everything you need to maximize your health.

The Bemer's PEMF involves directing pulsed magnetic fields towards the body to enhance cellular function and activate the body's natural healing abilities. Learn more.

The Keys to Optimal Health

Better Circulation | Better Health | Better Life

Contact me to learn more about the Bemer Premium Set Evo to set up a demo session or to purchase your own.

Bemer Therapy Available - see details here.

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