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Prolon® The Fasting Mimicking Diet

Prolon is a patented 5-day fasting nutrition program that pushes your body into a fasting state while keeping your body nourished with real food.  The fasting plan provides essential nutrients but doesn’t activate the body’s food sensing systems.

An Effective 5-Day Weight Loss Program

• Short Duration: The plan lasts only 5 days, in contrast to hormone weight loss therapy, which is usually 10-12 weeks.

• Rapid Results: Participants typically shed an average of 5.7lbs. during the 5-day plan and maintain most of the weight loss.

• Convenience: The entire 5-day meal plan, along with vitamin supplements, comes neatly packaged in a single box for ease of use.

• Effectiveness: Research indicates that individuals incorporating the ProLon Diet monthly for 3 months experienced enhanced levels of body stem cells, reduced inflammatory markers, and improved levels of healthy cholesterol, glucose, and other metabolic indicators.

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Prolon® Kickstarts cellular clean-up and promotes healthy aging.

Boost your longevity with this Fasting Mimicking Diet. Many people practice intermittent fasting by skipping breakfast - the latest science shows this does not work. To activate the magic of cellular clean-up, you need to fast for a few days.


You can order Prolon online. A 20% discount will be applied at checkout and the meals will be shipped directly to your home address.


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