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5 Healthy Ways to Start to Your Day


Did you know that #eatingagoodbreakfast is just one of a number of morning habits that can impact the way you look, feel, think and act throughout the day?

That’s right – happy, productive days rarely happen by accident! Many successful people take control of each day from the moment they wake up until their head hits the pillow at night. And the choices they make first thing set the tone for what follows.

If your morning is rushed or chaotic, chances are you will feel that way all day long. Beginning your day in a relaxed and thoughtful way will allow you to make #consciouschoices around how you respond to the circumstances that come your way. To start your day off right, try incorporating these five simple, healthy habits into your morning routine:

Give Yourself a Head Start

Allowing extra time in the morning is one of the easiest ways to avoid feeling rushed. If you have children or family members who need your help getting out the door, consider getting up an hour earlier than they do. Or set your alarm 30 minutes earlier and use the time in ways that help you feel calm or joyful, from savoring a cup of tea or relaxing in the shower to simply watching the sunrise.

Resist the Urge to Check Your Tech

Do you grab your smartphone the minute you shut off the alarm? Checking your email or social media feed as soon as you wake up can trigger a reactive start to your day rather than a proactive one, especially if the messages you see are negative. Reading something uplifting or motivating first thing will set a positive tone that continues to ripple throughout your day. Try detaching from technology for the first hour and staying in the present moment.

Be Mindful

Incorporating a #mindfulness practice like #meditation, #yoga or #chanting into your morning routine can help center your mind and emotions. This sense of serenity is likely to stay with you as the day unfolds. It is also a good time to set a daily intention by saying affirmations or writing in a journal. Clarifying what you want to accomplish or how you want to feel is a powerful tool for creating the life you want to live.

Nourish Your Body

Drinking a glass of water first thing is a healthy way to start the day. Try adding lemon to a warm cup of water to help remove toxins from the digestive tract and stimulate metabolism. Once your body is hydrated, take the time to eat a good breakfast that includes #leanprotein, healthy fat and whole grains. This will boost your energy and improve your ability to focus and concentrate all morning long.

Practice Gratitude

Practicing #gratitude can reduce stress and lift your spirits, and it’s easy to make it a morning ritual. Before you get out of bed, take one minute to think about someone or something you are grateful for. Focusing on the richness of your life will help you work towards developing positive expectations each and every day.


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